The President is to speak on television this evening.

Then, when he asked who had broken the window, all the boys acted innocent.


I think Ariel is just trying to be practical.

I can't keep lying to her.

I hear the noise.

His account of the accident accords with yours.

I presume such preferences are mostly cultural.

I have my passport.

Stuart hit Raghu with a baseball bat.

I knew very little about him.

If there were an accident, we would have to report it.

Bradley graduated in the top ten percent of his class.

The place where a river starts is its source.

He was after the first prize.

The boy scouts went from door to door selling what they had made.

In Japan wages are usually in proportion to seniority.

My cousin is hooked on smack.

There's a lot of room in here.

For us, school was a place to get away from as fast as possible.

I stop here to eat once or twice a week.

Sassan did neither of the two things I asked him to do.

What's your favorite time waster?

Irwin wants somebody to help him.

There's no sign of any damage.

I don't feel like going to school today.

I gave him as much food as he wanted.

Compared to many other countries, the average intake of trans-fats per person in Japan is low and it is hypothesized that it does not have a strong impact on health.

What's your favorite place to vacation in Japan?

That's the same mistake Jean-Pierre made.

I'll call after going home tomorrow.

Cuyuchi is standing near the lime tree.

I'd like one stamp, please.

I have no time to help you with the work.


You should've notified us.

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Can't you see I'm in the middle of something here?

She tore her shirt.

The bridge collapsed.

I think this novel shows the author at his best.

One of the disadvantages of living alone is that you have no one to talk to.


He likes what I've done.

Although I received pills at the hospital, I never took them properly.

If my parents find out you came over, they could do something crazy.


I had a study date with Tuna.


We all agreed.

A language is not something you learn all at once.

She loves the boy as if he were her own child.

It was great.

I always watch the weather report before going out in the morning.

About ten minutes later, the bell rang for tea.

May I open the curtain?

Sergei's cell phone rang and he answered it.

Before working here, Piotr was a police officer for thirteen years.

I'm glad Saad is here.

That really fierce cockroach uglifies the so-called robot.

All my pains went for nothing.

I'll have everything I want someday soon.

What am I doing?

Why don't you take a look at this data?

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They died young.


May I use your typewriter?

That's going to give me nightmares.

We should put out a call for bids.

She ate just as much meat as her father.

I've asked myself that question a thousand times.

I was nervous, too.

Write an answer.

He doesn't heed any advice.

Henrietta doesn't like cats.

Yes, I want to have a baby, but now I am going to write some more sentences down here.

Deb speaks French much better than Edwin.


The government is looking for ways to monitor online chatter about political issues and correct what it perceives as misinformation.

The lavishness of the party amazed everybody.

We know about daily events through the newspapers.

Let's see what we can do to help.

The only thing I know about you is your name.


"I've got mono." "Did you kiss someone?"

In the Ming Dynasty (early 15th century) the centre of Beijing was the Forbidden City.

How are you these days?

"What color is your dad's truck?" - "Blue. It is blue."

They had the majority in Parliament.

He will write soon.

If I discovered my best friend's boyfriend kissing someone else, I'd kill him that very second.

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Are you a member of this crew?

I managed to make myself understood in French.

The tea is really bitter and doesn't taste good.

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She said that her life was so boring. It figures because all she did was watch TV all day.

I don't know any of this.

How many cars are there in the United States?

Archie makes his own bed every morning.

A long time ago, there lived an old king on a small island.

Everything around him is gray.

Kerri ripped up the note.

Micheal burned Sundaresan's picture.

Does he know how she feels about him?

I cannot check my mailbox. There is no Internet here.

No one won the game. It was a draw.

There is a radio on the table.

Go tell him.

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Rik does like Guy.

I warmed up beside the fire.

The boat capsized during the night.

The airplane was just going to take off.

That wasn't Dalton's choice.

She's sometimes late for school.

German men are sexist.


My computer doesn't boot up anymore.


Sam, this is gonna take you hours.


Sherman was the first to speak.


How are you going to help?

I'd like a double with a bath.

I need to charge my mobile.

I feel like the happiest person in the world.

I hope to see you this Friday.

You can have it for nothing.

We're making good time.

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The notebook cost two florins.


Texting while driving is dangerous.


I have decided to go a little further.

I didn't know, so don't chew me out.

I don't want to go through another experience like that.

Did you know Agatha worked there?

He played a key role in the movement.

I would consider Boston a very big city.

Carolyn seems to be unwilling to change.

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Isidore received a certificate confirming his documents had been destroyed.


Sherri went to sleep and never woke up.

Saul has no wish to study.

Stagger didn't say anything about going to Boston.

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How about taking a rest?


I think I'll buy this pair of shoes.

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It took only about five minutes to get to my uncle's house from the station by car.

When spring comes, they dig up the fields and plant seeds.

I have to get back to work.

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Failing the exam was a blow to his ego.

I think they'd make a cute couple, don't you?

I have to ask you a question.

Shawn is too poor to marry Jean-Christophe.

That's a supposition, not a fact.

Bruce is going to be here for three weeks.

We're very happy to be alive.

Hurry! There's no time to lose.

I miss my elementary school teachers.

I'd like to speak to Jill again.

I need to be alone for a while.

At the moment I am not thirsty.

You're not going to help me, are you?

What? I can't hear you.

Plants take in water from the soil.

Alastair heard a rumor that Elliot had been arrested.

Watch where you're going!

He persistently rang my house's doorbell.

We're going to go back to basics.

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It's already starting to get warmer.

It is merely an ornament.

There is no message.

I couldn't wait to get started.

Sherri still isn't comfortable with the idea.

Many high-level officials attended the meeting.

Pat sat under a tree.

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"Father! What happened?" "I saved Hyrule from Ganon's pit!" "Well done, Your Majesty... but father, what about Link?"

Men rarely talk about their problems.

The general gave the order to retreat.

She was dressed in wool.

You burned the French fries.

I want to make sure people like you end up in prison.

Benjamin would get angry if I did that.


Not everyone has as much money as you.

She knows nothing about your family.

Few students are interested in the game next Saturday.

I ought to have known better.

Is there something special about the way Diane does that?